Thursday, June 16, 2011

Writing with a heavy heart tonight

We're looking forward to our annual family camping trip and, in preparing to board our dogs, we took them to the vet for shots.  While we were there we discussed some new concerns about our blue heeler boarder collie mix, Lacey.  We ran some standard lab tests and got the news yesterday that she has Cushing's Disease caused by hormones gone awry and maybe a tumor on one of several glands among other things.  Our vet has been wonderful in explaining our options and for now we are in a holding pattern.  We'll watch her gradual progression and most likely in a matter of months we need to decide when her quality of life has degraded enough to put her down.

When you have dogs on a farm, you never know how long they'll live.  There are so many ways they can be injured or fatally wounded.  We're grateful to have had this sweet dog for almost 11 years.  Yesterday Lacey and I had a talk, I cried and she licked away my tears.  Dogs are great that way!  So no more tears, just unconditional love.

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